Asthma History

Researching Asthma History

Researching the history of my Asthma

The Researching Asthma history was difficult and little was found about the first documented incidents where people had their first Asthma attack with symptoms such as difficulty breathing and coughing. In additon little was available for Asthma treatments. However, when researching the history I found on many occasions where many researchers noticed asthmatics were genetically prone to being born with Asthma. This information was disconcerning know that their not really all that much you can do when comes to asthma prevention. Being a new father this really bothered me that I may pass this along to my kids or grand kids. Thus, passing along my asthma history.

Some of the best in information I read was about the "history of Asthma" was obtained from the Melbourne study and a posting by the New England Journal which also provided excellent examples about
asthma treatment. In researching asthma history I found a couple websites stating 70% of all asthmatics had asthma within the first 3 years of their lives. A common reoccuring theme during my research was surprisingly enough wheezing can not necessarily classify infants as having Asthma because many children have smaller airways and as their lungs and airways grow they may outgrow wheezing. So, know this people should jump to conclusion if babies are wheezing. They should be concerned with Asthma testing rather than Asthma Treatments.

In a recent study about diagnosing asthma I read they took a sample of 1000 children and about 800 of these children has some type of wheezing by age six. The study of "asthma history" also said that children with continued wheezing were likely to develop asthma. One of the interesting studies regarding Asthma history in children for the first six years of life was the study stating children born with asthma usually had normal lung function until the age of 10 or 11 then they slowly loose lung function over time due to Asthma regardless of Asthma Treatment.In additions other studies shows having a mother with a history of asthma doubles the risk of childhood asthma. In this case I tried to find way to treat a fetus in a pregant woman, as expected their was no information available regarding that type of Asthma treament.

One of the progressions of
Asthma history into which I fit was a study of people that have asthma at age 42. A study I read said there was 30-70% chance that the adult would have clinical remission in late adolescence or early adulthood. However, 27% of asthmatics being monitored that had wheezing ended up in remission, unfortunately 12% who had undergone a remission eventually had some type relapse of Asthma no matter what type of Asthma treatment they had. As a part of my reading on Asthma History I found statements from research were the estimated that 70% percent of children with Asthma were likely to be male. Unfortunately, after adulthood the majority of adults with Asthma were women.

Some common questions regarding Asthma are establishing the Asthma History. Some questions used to establish a history of asthma is questions such as, does the child wheeze, show dyspnoea (shortness of breath) or cough which transfers to shortness of breathe? Is the children’s sleep disturbed because of wheezing or trouble breathing? Additionally another question to establish if there is a asthma history, ask if the person, child or adolescent has trouble breathing after exercise. Another quantifying “asthma history” question related to the number of times the individual thinks they missed work or school because of possible asthmatic episodes with or without a treatment of asthma

I was hoping to find more information relating to the history of Asthma however most of my research showed how to research and establish if a person that is not sure if they have asthma has had factors in their past history that would point to them being an asthmatic. Some of these had to deal with allergens but also had to deal with emotional stresses as establishing treatment of Asthma and their Asthma history.


elshunt said...

I suffered from chronic asthma from the age of six, until the age of twenty seven, when I discovered the Russian breathing method, called Buteyko. I went from using two inhalers to drug free after a couple of years of trying the method. There were no practitioners of this method in my State, as they are predominantly in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Russia. I learned by video and reading about this method, and most importantly the breathing exercises. By practiced in a sluggishly consistent way for a couple of years. Over this time I corrected my chronic-mouth-breathing and was able to wean myself completely off all asthma medication. Buteyko is a completely drug-free treatment that emphasizes strictly breathing through one's nose and how to clear a blocked nose. You should google it or do a search on You Tube. It changed my life.

Asthma Treatment said...

Thanks elshunt,
I have heard of this method before. However, I have never done any research. I may do some research and and make a post about what I find. I do know I have practiced controlled breathing and this can help quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

What did they used to give asthma sufferers in the 1950s and 60s????

Anonymous said...

cornishangel56,Whathey gave me for Asthma in the 1950s.
I suffered from Asthma really bad from the time I was born.Oxygen Tent at first and as I got older I was given a Black bulb/pump and attached was a brown plastic type glass and my mother would put liquid into it. screw a lid onto the glass bit which had a mouth piece on it and I would have to squeese the bulb/pump and it would spay this liquid into my mouth.I was very ill with asthma and never went to school. at the age of nineteen I had twocrdiac's, they thought was brought on by the treament I was getting.Doctor's told me every 7 years that it would leave me.I'm 54 and still suffering with it, collapsed Lung,Pneumonia and Pleurisy 3 times and now it my positive thinking that keeps me going.I learnt to ride a bike and for the past two days I have been on my bike. learnt to Ski and swim.

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dancilhoney said...

I am taking respitrol for asthma I experienced a good breath after two week use of this medicine.